The Dose System BMD

is suited for dosing respectively weighing out of fluid additives.
These will be connected at the top, outside the frame construction, or closed cupboards, on two bended tube connections NW 12 and outside gravimetrically or with pumps poured in tanks. The scale placed underneath transmits the reached quota to the control. When the required weight is reached the shut-off device underneath opens and empties outside, over a tube connection NW 50.
After emptying the fluid weighable, the water will be injected for cleaning of the scale tanks and will be emptied over the Shut-off device too. The electrical controlling of all valves, end switch and scale cell is mounted on a clamp board.
The tube connection NW 12 for water is outside the dose system mounted.
This can be closed over manual sphere cock.
Pneumatic will also be connected outside the dose systems.
A commercial quick coupling is sufficient for pneumatic supply.


The additive pump

is used to pump fluid additives into the dosing system. It is also available with a bypass, whereby the flow rate can be regulated.
The additive pump is made out of stainless steel and equipped with a special sealing kit, to be resistant against corrosive substances.